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      Carolina Industrial Equipment

      309B Hawkins Rd. Travelers Rest, SC 29690 sales@www.nyctownhouseinfo.com
      864-660-1020 - 800-933-5705 - Fx 864-660-1022

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      Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

      Q: My teeth keep ripping from the blade. What's going on?
      A: Several possibilities. Either your blade is too coarse for the stock, the feed is too slow or too heavy, the piece you're working on is vibrating, or the blade gullets are loading. Try using a finer tooth blade, decreasing feed pressure or increasing the feed, clamping down your work more securely, or using a coarser blade or brush to remove chips.

      Q: My motor is running hot. What do I do?
      A: Check your blade tension or V-belt tension to see if it's too high. If so, reduce the tension. Also check to see if the blade is too fine or too coarse; you might need to change blades. Finally, check to see if the idler blade wheel needs lubrication; you might just need to add a little oil.

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      HomeAboutBand SawsPressesFAQParts DiagramSpecialsContact

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